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Best Buddies

"POEMS WITH A PUNCH" by Alexander Rosenbaum

~ She Found Out ~

Her Valentine read "To My Only Love"
Poor man, he really meant it,
But she called up twenty men before
She found the one who sent it!

~ That Is Love ~

The greatest thing in the world is love;
It can't be sold or bought;
Love can't be hidden when it exists,
Or assumed when it does not.

~ How Some Women Love ~

Whenever a woman loves a man -
Oh yes there are a few -
He can get her to do most anything
She really wants to do.

~ Take Your Choice ~

"Faint heart ne'er won fair lady,"
Some poets long have said;
But others say that "fools rush in
Where angels fear to tread."

~ Not Room For Two ~

The two can't dwell within one heart,
Of this there isn't any doubt,
As you will always find this true -
When doubt creeps in love must go out.

~ They Usually Do ~

When a man wants a woman
With vigor and vim
He runs after her
Till she catches him.

~ Man VS. Woman~

There's not much different in the two?
Perhaps, but I will say
God should be thanked for the difference,
Each night and every day.

~ Never Again The Same ~

While a broken heart may be mended
Of this you can be sure:
It will never be just exactly
The same as it was before.

~ First Or Last ~

Most women want a man's first love,
But when some time has passed,
Find they'd have been much happier
Could they have been his last.


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